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Signs are vital in representing your brand, directing customers, and enhancing overall visibility. Like any other element of your business, signs require regular maintenance to remain in peak condition. Legacy Custom Signs and Graphics is here to help with comprehensive sign maintenance services tailored to your needs. Below, we answer common questions clients may have about sign maintenance.

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How often should my sign be serviced?

The recommended frequency varies based on the sign’s type, location, and materials. Generally, outdoor signs exposed to weather elements should be inspected and serviced at least twice a year. Indoor signs, given their protected environment, may require less frequent check-ups. However, it’s always good practice to monitor your signs for any irregularities and seek professional maintenance if you spot any issues.



What does sign maintenance entail?

Maintenance encompasses many services to keep your sign in optimal condition. At Legacy Custom Signs and Graphics, our maintenance procedures include:

  • Cleaning: Over time, signs collect dust, grime, and sometimes even graffiti. Our team employs specialized cleaning methods to ensure each sign shines and remains free from potential discolorations.
  • Electrical Check: For illuminated signs, consistent lighting is essential. Our technicians scrutinize every electrical component, from bulbs to wiring, ensuring they function as intended, and replace any parts that show signs of wear or potential malfunction.
  • Parts Tightening and Replacement: Whether due to weather conditions or everyday wear, signs can have components that become loose or go missing.
  • Wear and Tear Inspection: Even the most durable signs experience wear over time. We thoroughly check for any signs of degradation and promptly address them.



Why is regular sign maintenance crucial?

Maintaining your signs isn’t just about aesthetics. Regular maintenance has the following benefits:

  • Lifespan Extension: Regular maintenance ensures that your sign remains functional for an extended period, giving you value for your investment. Addressing minor issues timely can deter major malfunctions, ensuring the sign’s longevity.
  • Safety: Especially with larger or illuminated signs, there’s a potential hazard if they aren’t maintained properly. Loose parts or faulty wiring can pose risks.
  • Brand Image: A clean, well-lit, and functional sign speaks volumes about your business. It signals to customers that you care about your brand’s representation and quality. A neglected sign might suggest an inattentive business, whereas a well-maintained one communicates professionalism and reliability.
  • Cost Savings: While maintenance has costs, it’s often far less expensive than the cumulative costs of extensive repairs or replacements resulting from neglect.



How can I tell if my sign requires maintenance before the next scheduled service?

While we recommend regular scheduled maintenance, some signs might indicate your sign needs attention sooner:

  • Flickering or uneven illumination in lighted signs.
  • Signs of rusting, peeling, or fading can degrade the sign’s appearance.
  • Any structural damage, like bends, cracks, or broken elements.
  • Difficulty reading or understanding the sign due to dirt accumulation or obstructions.
  • Any unusual noises from the sign, especially illuminated or moving signs.

Prompt attention to these issues will ensure your sign remains functional, safe, and representative of your brand’s high standards.

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