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Serving the greater Denver Metro Area / Douglas County including Castle Rock, Highlands Ranch Lone Tree, Littleton, Greenwood Village & Centennial.

At Legacy Custom Signs & Graphics, we understand that impactful storefront signage conveys brand essence, attracts shoppers and drives sales. As Castle Rock’s trusted signage partner to local businesses, we specialize in stunning illuminated channel letter signs expertly designed to capture attention while communicating your unique identity.

Available in a spectrum of lighting effects, sizes and configurations, channel letters create focal points reinforcing branding and messaging with sleek dimensionality. Whether you operate a single shop or multiple locations across the Denver metro area, our tailored channel letter signs deliver transformative visibility and help forge lasting connections the moment customers glance your way.

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Welcome to Legacy Custom Signs and Graphics in Castle Rock, CO. We are your trusted local source for premium custom signs and graphics. Our mission is to create amazing signs that will wow your customers and generate sales. If you have any questions at all, please don't hesitate to call us or fill out your information and we'll get right back to you. 









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"I'm thrilled with the LED sign I got. It’s eye-catching and perfectly represents my restaurant’s vibe. The team was fantastic—professional, efficient, and creative. I highly recommend their services to any business looking for exceptional LED signage. Thank you for enhancing my restaurant's presence!

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Combo Lit

Our most requested channel letters incorporate combo-lit illumination drenching signs in mesmerizing brilliance. These state-of-the-art signs feature LED lighting embedded behind the letter sides and backs creating a vibrant halo glow effect surrounding letter faces. We then install separate LED strips along the inside edge of each letter face as well.

The combined backlighting and edge-lighting fusion produces a multidimensional floating effect during dusk hours that uniquely spotlights your brand identity above all surrounding signage. During daylight, the illuminated letter faces remain highly visible, maintaining clear communication 24/7.

For new Castle Rock shop owners seeking signage as captivating as their offerings, combo-lit channel letters make an unforgettable first impression.

Front Lit

For retail brands focused on promoting frequent sales or specials to passing traffic, front lit channel letters provide unmatched readability and illumination ideal for communicating timely messages. Front lit letters feature translucent letter faces illuminated by internal LED strips to directly project your messaging outwards for maximum daylight visibility.

The directly front-facing lighting also creates a crisp contrast against backgrounds for easy readability, keeping updated hours and offers clearly conveyed. Our front lit channel letter signs utilize long-lasting LEDs and durable acrylic faces expertly aligned to provide years of reliable exposure for Castle Rock brands along busy roads.

Back Lit

Seeking an upscale look? Back lit channel letters, also called reverse lit or halo lit, exude modern refinement perfect for design firms, galleries, jewelry stores and other businesses promoting high-end services. These discreetly illuminated letters feature opaque letter faces concealing interior LEDs that shine light onto the mounting background, forming a delicate glow silhouette effect.

The resulting understated yet eye-catching illumination sets an exclusive mood once the sun sets. For new Castle Rock ventures aiming to establish elite aesthetics, our back lit channel letter signs masterfully convey prestige and sophistication.

Open Face

Open face channel letters truly think outside the box for brands desiring the most brazenly conspicuous storefont centerpiece. As the name implies, open face letters feature exposed neon or LED tubes sculpted into letterforms without any coverings or diffusing lenses. This allows the vibrant lighting to shine freely, commanding maximum attention with an almost futuristic look.

Our open face channel letter signs incorporate only top-grade lighting components carefully mounted and wired to ensure longevity despite direct exposure. While an admittedly bold choice, open face letters undeniably establish businesses aiming to cement technological or forward-focused aesthetics as Castle Rock go-to destinations.

Raceway Mounted

For retail plaza tenants subject to stringent signage policies or seeking easier installs, raceway mounted channel letter signs provide the perfect solution. Here, we mount dimensional channel letters onto slim rectangular raceways housing all electrical components instead of directly onto the building facade.

Raceways painted to match building exteriors nearly disappear against walls, creating the illusion of freestanding lettering. The quick mount/dismount functionality also avoids drilling or penetrations during installation. Our raceway signs allow Castle Rock business owners conveniently displaying compliant branding that leaves lasting impressions on spaces.

At Legacy Custom Signs & Graphics, we specialize in conceptualizing, fabricating and installing channel letter signs expertly designed to amplify Castle Rock business visibility and magnetism. Our consultative approach backed by unmatched technical capabilities allows translating unique branding into eye-catching storefront centerpieces that captivate audiences after just a glance. To explore how tailored channel letter signs can establish your niche in Castle Rock, contact us today.