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Could your business use an affordable, eye-catching way to reach more customers right outside your door? Legacy Custom Signs and Graphics creates custom A-frame sidewalk signs built to attract attention while representing your brand professionally. Also known as sandwich boards, A-frames provide versatile, grab-and-go advertising perfect for retail, restaurants, events and more.

Lightweight yet durable, these self-standing signs feature double-sided messaging designed specifically for high foot traffic areas. Their angular shape makes A-frames easily visible to passing pedestrians from a distance. This allows your messaging to cut through the visual noise of busy streets. And with customizable panels and frames built from long-lasting materials, A-frames serve as rugged mobile billboards ready to promote specials or guide customers straight to your entrance.

But with various A-frame styles and materials available, how do savvy Castle Rock business owners choose? Factors like budget, location, sizing and visibility impact options. Understanding the pros and cons of materials like plastic, coroplast and metal helps match the right A-frame to your objectives. Legacy Custom Signs and Graphics specializes in crafting customized A-frames tailored to your specific needs. Discover more about the versatile sandwich board below!

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Coroplast A-Frames

Known for affordability and customization, Coroplast A-frames provide a lightweight, eye-catching sidewalk signage option. Coroplast refers to a corrugated plastic material that combines rigidity, weather-resistance and easy formability. These qualities make Coroplast a frequent choice for temporary outdoor signage. It protects printed graphics from fading while adding vibrant color to grab attention.

Despite durability, Coroplast still weighs less than substrates like wood or metal. This enables easy mobility. Staff can conveniently reposition Coroplast A-frames to redirect foot traffic based on the hour or event. The material’s smooth surfaces also serve as blank canvases for custom graphics. Through digital printing, we infuse Coroplast signs with branded messaging, promotions and product imagery with photorealistic clarity.

For small businesses on a budget, Coroplast A-frames supply big, customizable advertising power. And priced per sign, they provide immense value compared to daily paper flyers. Coroplast’s lightweight design also reduces shipping costs and storage space when not deployed. For these reasons, retail, restaurants and pop-up vendors commonly leverage Coroplast sidewalk signs. Their versatility and affordability empowers experimentation with positioning to determine what grabs the most attention outside your business.

Plastic A-Frames

Sometimes durability outweighs price. For A-frame signs built to withstand long-term outdoor advertising in every season, plastic offers unbeatable longevity. Today’s plastic A-frame options utilize engineered polymers far thicker and more rigid than Coroplast. These sturdy plastics resist dents, warping and cracks through punishing weather shifts from sweltering summers to winter ice and snow.

Plastic A-frame construction varies based on thickness. Entry-level plastic frames offer stability at lower costs but sacrifice thickness. Heavy-duty versions provide commercial-grade stability preferred for permanent signage installations. Premium plastic A-frames also employ hollow channel or honeycomb internal walls for added structure. However designed, plastic A-frames stand tougher than corrugated alternatives to serve your exterior messaging needs longer.

Besides resilience, customization still reigns with plastic signs. Like Coroplast, plastic substrates feature smooth exteriors optimal for graphics application. This allows the creation of immersive branded themes across the double-sided panels. For restaurants wanting to reinforce menus or daily specials outside, plastic provides the ultimate durability. And the fillable bases these signs include enable added ballast against wind gusts. Choose plastic A-frames when longevity matters most for exterior advertising.

Metal A-Frames

For high-end presence and unmatched durability, metal A-frame signs offer a premium choice. Beyond aluminum and steel’s inherent strength, modern metal frames employ hollow yet robust tubular designs. This triangular construction maximizes stability and minimizes weight simultaneously. Top-tier metal A-frames also forgo basic printed panels for customizable slat walls or magnetic surfaces. This enables easy swapping of lettering or graphics as messaging evolves.

Of course with versatility comes higher cost. But for businesses seeking A-frames built to last decades instead of years, metal delivers. Powder-coated and stainless steel finishes withstand sun, salt and moisture damage far better than painted alternatives. And while plastic rivals metal’s durability, chrome and steel models provide permanent polish plastic can’t match. Just note – metal A-frames’ heft may limit mobility vs. lightweight corrugated or plastic options.

Yet despite gravitational reality, discerning businesses select metal A-frames to enhance curb appeal and professionalism permanently. Their slim silhouette and neutral metallic finishes integrate easily into storefronts. This helps metal signs align with interior aesthetics seamlessly through front windows. Savvy retailers also value metal’s security. Unlike plastic or wood frames, metal significantly deters vandalism and theft when signs stay out overnight. For the ultimate in custom durability and decor aligning with a luxury brand image, metal A-frames check all the boxes.

Single Sided A-Frames

So your business needs an A-frame sidewalk sign, but what about visibility? Should you choose single or double sided? This debate comes down to positioning and goals. Single sided A-frame signs feature customizable graphics on one panel only. This focused approach works perfectly for businesses with walls, windows or other barriers limiting visibility of a second side. Single sided A-frames also provide ideal directional signage when placed perpendicular to walking traffic.

For example, a single-sided sidewalk sign positioned near the entrance catches attention from approaching shoppers head-on. The focused graphical panel then conveys a singular, clear message – whether announcing sales, daily specials or store hours. For retailers or service companies, this directional approach keeps messaging succinct. And it prevents confusing passersby with conflicting information visible on two competing panels.

Single sided A-frame signs also come with the benefit of smaller price tags thanks to reduced material costs. So for businesses wanting an affordable yet eye-catching sidewalk sign with selective visibility, single sided A-frames check the right boxes. Their versatility, lower costs and lightweight designs empower easy periodic repositioning to keep pedestrian traffic flowing your way.

Double Sided A-Frames

While single sided A-frame signs shine through focused directional messaging, double sided models aim to engage broader audiences. As the name suggests, double sided A-frame signs feature two fully-customizable panel surfaces. This empowers visibility for passing foot traffic from both directions simultaneously. Double sided designs also maximize brand exposure thanks to four-way visibility at intersections.

The dual panels essentially double your messaging real estate allowing communication of more information if desired. For example, a restaurant could highlight daily specials on one panel while showcasing menu items or hours on the opposite side. Retailers enjoy similar flexibility. Double sided A-frames become versatile announcement boards for showcasing multiple products or sales creatively.

And unlike single sided signs, the two-panel models maintain visibility when positioned parallel or perpendicular to walkways since graphics face both directions. This versatility suits downtown blocks or pedestrian malls with multi-direction traffic excellently. Though double sided A-frames cost a little extra upfront, the long-term flexibility and exposure often support the investment for serious business owners.

Benefits of A-Frame Signs

Beyond core material and design choices, A-frame sidewalk signs provide universal benefits that make them a staple of local advertising:

  • Cost-effective – Well-designed A-frames deliver better ROI than dated daily flyers. And with prices starting in the low hundreds, they beat poster printing too.
  • Visibility – A-frames’ angled double-sided shape catches eyes better than flat placards. Positioning flexibility spotlights your messages.
  • Customization – From sizing to materials and graphics, A-frames offer endless customization for unique branding.
  • Portability – Lightweight A-frame construction ensures effortless mobility for positioning as needed.
  • Protection – Encasing graphics between durable plastic or metal panels shields messaging from weathering.
  • Professionalism – Sleek A-frame signage aligns with storefront aesthetics better than makeshift posters.

By understanding the pros and cons of materials ranging from Coroplast to plastic and metal, Castle Rock businesses can select the perfect A-frame match. Legacy Custom Signs and Graphics will guide you through choices while delivering completely customized sandwich boards masterfully designed to catch eyes outside your business.

With A-frames, you’ll attract customer curiosity and feet guaranteed. Discover why we’re Castle Rock’s top choice for affordable, durable sidewalk advertising. Request a quote today!