What if your vehicle could attract new customers wherever it goes? At Legacy Custom Signs and Graphics, we create eye-catching custom vehicle wraps that transform cars, vans, and trucks into rolling billboards. As you cruise down the streets of Centennial, heads will turn when potential customers spot your bold, branded vehicle. But what exactly makes custom wraps so effective? How do they work to grow your business? Keep reading as we explore the world of vehicle wraps for Centennial companies.

When you wrap your vehicle, you take advantage of an innovative form of advertising. Essentially, you leverage your car, van or fleet to broadcast your brand creatively across the region. Wraps allow you to turn vehicles into vibrant mobile billboards that spark attention as you drive. Unlike stationary signage, wraps enable you to reach diverse audiences throughout Centennial and beyond. This versatility helps expand your marketing to new locations. And with countless impressions made daily, wraps provide immense value and deliver an enviable return on investment.

But to fully capitalize on wraps, partnering with the right provider is key. At Legacy Custom Signs and Graphics, our wraps are more than just vinyl and ink. They are strategically crafted works of art meant to stop traffic and drive business growth. How do we accomplish this? By leveraging our experience, we create wraps that align with your brand and engage your audience. Our design team works closely with you to understand your vision and goals. We then develop a concept that captures attention while communicating your messaging clearly across Centennial.

Types of Custom Vehicle Wraps

So what types of wraps can turn your vehicle into a business boosting machine? Here are some of the most popular options we offer Centennial companies:

Full Vehicle Wraps

For maximum visual drama, full vehicle wraps cloak your entire vehicle – imagine, every surface from bumper to bumper wrapped with eye-grabbing graphics. This option provides the most real estate for advertising, allowing your brand to cover the hood, roof, sides and rear. If you want high visibility and endless branding potential, full wraps deliver.

Partial Vehicle Wraps

Sometimes, a full wrap is more than you need. Partial vehicle wraps provide focused branding by covering specific sections like the rear, sides or just the hood. Many businesses opt for partial rear wraps since the back of a vehicle offers prime visibility. Partial wraps provide a nice compromise – you reduce costs while still showcasing custom graphics where they count.

Vehicle Decals and Graphics

For added versatility, vehicle decals and graphics can supplement wraps or stand alone. These include custom logos, shapes, slogans and more. Applied strategically, decals and graphics help reinforce branding and highlight special promotions. At Legacy Custom Signs and Graphics, we craft decals from the same premium materials as wraps. So they’ll hold up just as well over time.

Window Graphics

Want to brand your vehicle without limiting views? Window graphics offer the best of both worlds. Perforated vinyl films allow light and visibility while presenting graphics or messages to the outside. For an integrated look, window graphics perfectly complement standard wraps.

Fleet Vehicle Wraps

Consistency equals success. That motto drives our specialty fleet wrap packages. For Centennial businesses running vehicle fleets, unified branding across all cars and trucks helps strengthen market presence. Our affordable fleet wraps standardize colors, messaging and logos so your branding appears cohesive. Whether wrapped vehicles traverse all of Centennial or stay local, fleet wraps amplify your message through repetition.

Benefits of Custom Vehicle Wraps

Beyond attention and branding, what specific advantages do custom vehicle wraps offer? Wraps provide these key benefits:

Cost-Effective Advertising

Dollar for dollar, wraps give you the most bang for your buck. Consider that a single wrapped vehicle cruising Centennial daily can generate thousands of impressions per year. That kind of exposure is priceless – and blows traditional advertising methods out of the water. Vehicle wraps allow modest marketing budgets to make a massive impact.

Increased Brand Visibility

When wrapped effectively, your brand travels with your vehicle wherever it goes. As you drive through Centennial running errands, conducting business, or simply commuting, your eye-catching graphics will boost exposure. Wrapped vehicles provide unique, ever-changing scenery that attracts attention. This expanded visibility helps cement brand recognition all across the region.

Protection for Your Vehicle

Did you know quality vinyl vehicle wraps actually protect your car or truck’s factory paint? The durable vinyl shields surfaces from minor scratches, debris damage and UV fading. By preserving resale value, wraps provide long term benefits beyond marketing.

Customization and Flexibility

The versatility of wraps empowers endless possibilities. At Legacy Custom Signs and Graphics, no two wraps we create are the same. Why? Because we customize designs, colors, fonts, sizes and placements based on your brand, goals and target audience. Wraps also prove more adaptable than painted signage. Graphics can be switched out down the road as messaging needs change.

Wide Geographic Reach

While static billboards stay put, your branded vehicle travels far and wide. Wraps allow you to connect with diverse audiences across various parts of town. Wherever you roam locally or regionally, your graphics will follow – broadcasting your brand creatively to new locations. This mobility ensures your marketing reaches its broadest possible audience.

Installation Guide for Custom Vehicle Wraps

While wraps clearly provide advantages, precise installation remains critical. The process requires skill and patience to avoid issues like bubbles, lifting and misalignment. At Legacy Custom Signs and Graphics, our veteran installers methodically apply every wrap to exacting standards. Interested to see how the magic happens? Here is an overview of our installation process:

Design Consultation

The quest for the perfect wrap starts with an in-depth design meeting. Together, we explore your brand identity, target audience, objectives and vision aesthetically. Our creative team then translates ideas into a wrap concept centered around your messaging and goals.

Measurement and Material Selection

To construct a flawless wrap, meticulous measurement comes next. Our team thoroughly examines your vehicle and collects specs on all surfaces. These measurements inform material selection and design sizing to ensure proper contouring and fit. For maximum durability, we use only the highest quality vinyl products.

Printing and Preparation

With measurements complete, it’s time to finalize the graphics. Using your approved design, we digitally print the full-color wrap onto premium vinyl using a large format printer. After printing, the vinyl goes through a laminating process for increased protection and longevity.

Vehicle Preparation

Before vinyl application, extensive vehicle preparation occurs. Our staff thoroughly cleans the entire exterior using specialized degreasing agents. Paint imperfections get addressed via wet sanding and touch up painting. Only a pristine surface allows the vinyl to properly adhere.

Wrap Installation

The moment of truth…our installation team takes over applying the finished vinyl wrap to your vehicle strategically panel by panel. The installers use heat guns to mold the vinyl carefully around contoured surfaces. Precise cuts and seams blend everything together seamlessly.

Inspection and Completion

Nearing the finish line, we thoroughly inspect the wrapped surfaces looking for any final issues requiring attention. Once the graphics pass examination, all that’s left is exterior trim replacement and cleaning. We then officially hand over your revitalized ride to hit Centennial’s streets in style.

Ongoing Wrap Maintenance

To keep wraps looking their best, proper maintenance is key. We equip all customers with care instructions covering cleaning methods, storage, damage prevention and more. While vinyl wraps prove rugged and durable, taking appropriate care ensures they stay vibrant for years of exposure.

Actionable Tips for Choosing and Maintaining Vehicle Wraps

Ready to explore wraps for your own Centennial business? Here are key tips to make your project a success:

Clearly Define Goals

Before starting the design process, outline what you want to achieve via wrapping. More sales? Greater exposure? Knowing goals ahead helps craft optimal graphics.

Research Wrap Shops

Don’t just use any printer for your valuable branding project. Vet potential partners carefully based on experience, quality and service. Customer reviews also provide great insight into best options.

Involve Your Audience

Will your target market appreciate the wrap’s look and messaging? Research competitors and test concepts with customer focus groups when possible.

Consider Your Drivers

Make sure staff feel comfortable driving highly visible wrapped vehicles. Provide training on representing your brand positively while on the road.

Keep Graphics Current

If branding or offerings eventually change, update the graphics. Fresh, relevant wraps keep your business looking sharp. We make revisions simple and cost-effective.

Maintain Properly

Follow our care instructions to keep wraps vibrant over time. Avoid harsh cleaners and chemicals. Report damage from minor fender benders promptly for repairs.

At Legacy Custom Signs and Graphics, transforming vehicles through wraps is our passion . We live to dream up eye-catching concepts that boost our customers’ success. From decals to full wraps and fleet packages, our solutions capture attention while protecting your investment. Ready to get noticed across Centennial? Contact us today to request a custom quote tailored to your business. Our wraps won’t just look amazing – they’ll accelerate growth by broadcasting your brand creatively to untapped audiences.